Seeking Counsel on Campus: A Collaboration between
The Pitt News and The Point Park Globe

Written by Janine Faust, Editor-in-Chief of The Pitt News
and Carley Bonk, Editor-in-Chief of The Point Park Globe
June 14, 2019

Today's college students are facing a mental health crisis - nearly 1 in 5 deal anxiety or depression. This also means that more and more students are utilizing the mental health services provided by their universities. But counseling centers are struggling to figure out how to fairly and adequately address the influx of individuals who come seeking help every semester, leaving some students feeling frustrated and uncertain.

The Pitt News and The Point Park Globe teamed up in a collaboration through the Center for Media Innovation's Bridge Pittsburgh project to present this joint project on university mental health resources, which includes a look at the practice of group therapy at universities and the voices of students who have turned to college resources to meet their mental health needs.

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